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    Graphing Time Series (2000)

    I have two columns of data. The first is in the format Jan-03, Feb-03, etc., through to May-05 and the second shows tonnage(s), e.g. 1000, 850, etc.
    I want to create a line graph where the three years are shown as three 'overlapping' lines between Jan and Dec (rather than as one continuous line).
    Any ideas? Andy.

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    Re: Graphing Time Series (2000)

    You can start by creating a chart based on the 2003 data. Then select Chart | Add Data, select the data for 2004 and specify that they will become a new series. Repeat for 2005.
    Select Chart | Source Data and activate the Series tab to rename the series to 2003, 2004 and 2005 (for example).
    Double click the x axis, activate the Number tab and set the format to mmm, to display only the month, not the year.
    See attached demo.

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    Re: Graphing Time Series (2000)

    If your dates are not just months and year but contain actual dates that are different from year to year (Jan 15, 2003, Jan 22, 2004, Jan 1, 2005) that have no pattern or even different number of values per year, instead of the suggestion like Hans made, use an XY chart with the actual dates and just use 1 year to plot all the data:

    <post#=478161>post 478161</post#> has an example of this technique from another similar question.


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