<!post=This post, 458385>This post<!/post> led me to the discovery of MyPlaces. I wrote a GUI form that allowed the user to shuffle entries, then I thought "Who wants to shuffle entries?", and after a moment's silence I scrapped the GUI and wrote this, with much help from so many different posts in VBA forum, including but not limited to <!post=Post,387461>Post<!/post> Andrew Savikas", "Dylan Morley <!post=Post,166979>Post<!/post> re: 166949 from kyanis"

The attached template is not robustly tested, and you are advised to backup your registry before complaining.

I have included a small macro to hijack the FileSaveAs, thereby obtaining the folder used for the most recent SaveAs. I take this folder and merge it with the MyPlaces settings in the registry, reducing the priority of all preceding entries and placing this at the top of the list. in theory, your most recent target of a saveAs will be highly visible in your Myplaces.

I have now hooked this up to my MRUse list (shameless plug for Andrew's book!). Whenever I trap a file open, save, or saveas, I issue a call