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    getpivotdata function (Excel 2002/XP)

    <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23> At times, I want to use data from a pivot table to do on the fly calcs etc., but it seems that whenever I try to reference a cell within a pivot table I automatically get the GETPIVOTDATA function. Is there any way to change this so that I get the standard cell reference - I've seen the answer to this particular old post that state to just type in the actual formula, as opposed to clicking on the cell so it enters itself into the formula, however I find this to be a bit cumbersome, as some of my formulas can be quite larger... surely there's another option??? Maybe there's an option to "turn off" the getpivotdata function??? Any suggestions?

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    Re: getpivotdata function (Excel 2002/XP)

    Already asked in <post#=480157>post 480157</post#>. Please don't post the same question twice. Anyone wanting to reply please do so in the other thread, this thread is locked to avoid duplication.

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