Build 40 available at Raxco Software Windows Products - PerfectDisk 7.0 or use the integrated updater.

Excerpt from the Whatsnew file:

What's new in PerfectDisk build 7.00.040
Improved boot time defragmentation logging to assist in error detection.
On certain computers, large amounts of "Skipping file" messages were logged during a defragmentation pass. PerfectDisk's defragmentation algorithm has been changed to minimize skipped files.
When upgrading from PerfectDisk V6 to PerfectDisk V7, existing schedules might not upgrade correctly. This has been fixed.
A new flag was added to the config.ini file to support setting schedule frequency on installation.
Corrected a bug when using the config.ini file to create schedules on installation. The AllDrives flag was not correctly handled.
When typing in a computer name to remotely connect, PerfectDisk incorrectly limited you to 13 character computer names. This has been changed to 15 characters. This is the NetBIOS limit for a computer name.