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    Match tbe characters you see in the picture (Windo

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Leif on 17-May-05 05:34. Edited to replace Word document with gif attachment)</P>On my PC I have:
    Use Local Net as my service provider to log into Hotmail. Have a Modum.
    I open Internet Explorer, In my URL type in Hotmail In Hotmail dialog box enter Login and Password press Login.
    Then my question. This funny message comes up (Please see my attachment). Not sure what it is so I just logout. The characters they ask me to type in change everytime. Help, what is it???
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    Re: Match tbe characters you see in the picture (W

    Er... did you click on the 'Why?' link to find out why?

    I don't use Hotmail myself, but it looks like a standard 'human involvement required' trap to stop robots from automatically logging in. The characters are designed to prevent any kind of OCR software from reading them. They therefore need to change every time.

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