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    Copy, sort, with hidden rows (XP)

    Here is something that I cant quite see how it works. My experiments appeared inconsistent, or maybe I wasnt paying attention.
    I want to be able to hide some rows in my datalist, then sort the visible ones, and/or select a range to copy, but not copy the hidden cells/rows.
    It seems I pick up the hidden rows when dragging through the row numbers to select them. Is this right, and how can I control how it works?

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    Re: Copy, sort, with hidden rows (XP)

    When you have selected the range, including the hidden rows, select Edit | Go To...
    Click Special...
    Select Visible cells only.
    Click OK.
    You can now copy the visible rows to the clipboard.

    There is a toolbar button available for this if you need to select visible cells frequently:
    Select Tools | Customize...
    Activate the Commands tab.
    Select the Edit category.
    Scroll down the list of commands.
    Drag the next to last button to a convenient location on the toolbar.

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