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    Word XP vs. Outlook 2003 address book last/first (Word 2002, Outlook 2003))

    We are using Microsoft Office XP (minus Outlook) plus Outlook 2003. In Word, the address book features terminate Word if Outlook Address Book is set to display last name first (File As). If you set it to use first name first, everything works fine. The same mailbox with Word 2003 works fine regardless of sort order.

    Can anyone explain what about this scenario is throwing Word 2002? We have all the current patches and service packs installed. If I use any of the three methods of displaying the Outlook (2003) address book in Word 2002, when I select anything other than the Global Address List, Word terminates. Changing the sort order for the Outlook Address Book sort order within Outlook (Tools.emailAccounts, modify address book, change) toggles between Word breaking and not -- it only terminates when trying to access an Outlook Address Book folder with the sort order set to last/first.

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    Re: Word XP vs. Outlook 2003 address book last/first (Word 2002, Outlook 2

    I'm surprised you managed to use the Outlook 2003 address book at all in Word 2002. In general, the integration of Word and Outlook only works if you're using matching versions.

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    Re: Word XP vs. Outlook 2003 address book last/fir

    I'm very old fashioned, using a PAB instead of a Contacts folder. (Actually, the "real" addresses are in the Palm Address book rather than in Outlook.) My GAL and PAB both work without error in the Word 2002-Outlook 2003 environment, but I hope you'll forgive me for not setting up an OAB so that I can experience the crashes you describe. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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