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    Synchronization of two Outlook calendars (2003/SP1)

    I frequently have to maintain two Outlook calendars: one in a client's Outlook and one in my employer's Outlook. I would like to be able to synchronize them so that whenever one is updated, the same change takes place in the other. I can set up a rule in each one so that when I receive a meeting invitation in OutlookA, it is automatically forward to OutlookB and vice versa. However, when I do that, the "forwards" keeping pingponging (i.e., OutlookA receives a meeting invitation from a third party. It is forwarded automatically to OutlookB. However, then OutlookB automatically forwards it again back to OutlookA, which I don't want.)

    When I create an meeting invitation or appointment, I can easily send it to the other system at the time of creation, so that isn't as much of a problem.

    Any ideas, please?


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    Re: Synchronization of two Outlook calendars (2003

    This is an interesting problem. Do the forwarded messages have FW at the beginning of the subject line and, if so, can the rule be set up to "not" re-forward those messages/items based on that?

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