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    Mail Merge

    I am relatively new to Word 2000 and am having a problem with Page Numbers in the resulting Merge Document, I am using the Page x of y format. The individual page number is correct, but the total pages is not correct, it is looking at the total number in the resulting doc, so it says Page 2 of 100 on the second page of the merge letters. Does anyone know of a way to automate, or does it just need to be set in the main doc manually? Thanks


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    Re: Mail Merge

    Does <A target="_blank" HREF= view=&sb=&vc=1#Post35177>this post</A> answer your problem?

    The "page x of y" was a bug in W97, corrected in 97 SR-2, then reappeared differently in W2K, and corrected in W2K SR-1.
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    Re: Mail Merge

    Hi Geoff,

    Not to nitpick (OK I'm nitpicking!) ...
    So far as I know this bug has not yet been fixed completely for Word 97. It is really two separate problems, the first of which is a problem with display of page numbers, and the second of which is a problem with printing of page numbers.

    The best implementation for Word 97 is with SR-1, SR-2 and the "leap year patch" (a/k/a SR-3). This fixes the printing and most of the display. The major fix was in the leap year patch.

    With Word 2000, it is with SR-1. (See Woody's Office Watch for thoughts on SR-2). Without SR-1, Word 2000 is worse than Word 97 SR-2.

    It has been modified and appears less frequently. I haven't heard one way or the other with XP but from the lack of complaints, I infer that it is fixed there.

    For more information see on the MVPs site or my <A target="_blank" HREF=> Page X of Y Doesn't Work! ( Except if you check right away, don't bother with the second one because my addbalance sites are down right now. The host server is offline.
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