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    Access VBA and DB2 Connect (2000/v6.1)

    Hi All,

    Bit of a long shot here but you never know your luck :-)

    I'm currently developing an Access application which connects to a DB2 repository via DB2 Connect v6.1. The repository contains TimeStamp values which Access doesn't handle unless you use one of the DB2 PATCH values in your connection string (PATCH1=131072); this returns the TimeStamps as strings which Access can deal with.

    I'm trying to upgrade to DB2 v8, and in this version, the above patch value has been deprecated. It may have been replaced with PATCH2='24' (PATCH2 being passed in as a string...). Anyone got any experience of getting this working? Any suggestions much appreciated!

    Phil :-)

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    Re: Access VBA and DB2 Connect (2000/v6.1)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    I know absolutely nothing about DB2, but accroding to CLI/ODBC Configuration Keyword PATCH2: Values, the value 24 indeed stands for "Reports TIME data as SQL_CHAR data; used as a workaround for Microsoft Access applications."

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