I maintain a small network that runs on NT4SP6. We have 6 Mac's connected to the server.

The Mac's have the latest version of Excel for Mac. The rest of us use Office 2000.

I created a spreadsheet that has some macro's and forms in it. The forms were created using the forms toolbar, so that there are no calls to DLL's that the Mac's wouldn't have.

Basically they (the Mac users) click on a button (again created with the forms toolbar) and a user form pops up and they are able to enter info their hours and a sheet is then updated based on their entries. The button works, the form works, the update to the sheet works, but we are having problems when they try to save. It tells them that they can't save or to save to a new filename. The original file then can't be opened by us Windows users. If they save to a new filename that sheet seems to be OK.

Any thoughts?

This is creating a real problem.

Any help would be really appreciated.