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    Word upgrade question (Office 2003)

    We are getting ready to upgrade from OfficeXP to Office 2003. Two years ago we upgraded from Office97 to OfficeXP. I'm wondering if we should be recreating templates and macros in Office 2003 or continue using the ones that were originally created in Office97 and have survived the upgrades. We have a variety of templates (i.e. letterhead, fax coversheets, etc.) as well as global templates containing firm-wide macros and autotext entries.

    I'm also wondering about everyone's individual Is it time to start with a clean Office 2003 and use the Organizer to copy in their old toolbars, styles, autotext entries & macros?

    I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!

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    Re: Word upgrade question (Office 2003)

    The changes from Word 2002 to Word 2003 are much less drastic than those from Word 97 to Word 2002. Your templates should be OK, but make sure to test all of them.
    Although the users' should still work, I think it is a good idea to let the users start with a fresh one, and only copy the things from the old one that they need.

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