<P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by charlotte on 19-May-05 18:51. to activate link)</P>I thought someone here pointed me to the site below based on a question I had posed but I can't find anything here. So maybe it was at another forum.

EventSentry is a GREAT application and solves the real problem of being notified when a warning or error gets logged into the Windows Event log. Myself (and most people, I think), don't generally remember to monitor the event log regularly and so don't always know that some of their applications may be generating errors. For instance, sometimes Norton Ghost generates a corrupted backup. Of course, it wasn't until I actually needed to use one of these backups that I discovered that most of them were corrupted. Had I been informed of the error, I could have tried to fix the problem before I needed the backup. Also, when I boot the system, there are always a few drivers or services that generate event errors. Now I see them in my email box and can maybe remember to look into them further.

Part of what this app does is allow you to send event warnings or errors to your email address, so you will likely see them right away. There is a "lite' version that I am using and works fine for my purposes. But if I were a sysadmin in a company, I would certainly buy the full version.

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