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    all of a sudden I cant create replicas (2002 SP3)

    I have a front end and back end forming my Db The front end and back end exist on all 3 of my computers. The back end is replicated so I can use it on my laptop away from the office and on the 2nd computer in case the 1st is offline. The 1st computer is thus acting as a defacto server. This has worked superbly for many years. Today I added a new table to the back end (which I have done many times before), made it replicable and linked the table to my front end. But then, out of the blue, I couldn

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    Re: all of a sudden I cant create replicas (2002 SP3)

    Your design master may have gone bad. It happens with replication, which is why many of use use mutl-stage replication, building replicas from a child replica of the design master and syncing to that copy. If you did not kill all the replicas, you may be able to reclaim one of them as a design master and then make your changes and create new replicas from that. If you did completely delete all the replicas (check the recycle bin), try removing the new table and see if that has any effect on the ability to create replicas. Also, if you are using WinXP, check for a system restore point before the last change to the design master. You may have to fall back to that. In any case, I strongly suggest you create a middle generation of replica to keep you out of this fix in the future.

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