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    Cell References (2002)

    I'm really not sure if this is a macro or what, but a colleague just posed a weird problem.

    She tells me that in an old spreadsheet that was created for her she has an alert built into her formula. She uses a template to create monthly/weekly expense reports. Not sure what her system is exactly, but she has it set up so that she creates and deletes worksheets each week. In one area, a cell is referencing back to a worksheet that is eventually deleted.

    Normally when you do this, the cell with the formula displays an REF error.

    She claims that in her old workbook that it would display an alert stating "I'm not sure where I am supposed to go" (or something to that effect) and then it directs her to create a new link to a new cell.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone? It sounds like a macro to me (which I would be totally lost on).

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    Re: Cell References (2002)

    Excel has "events" that can be used in VBA code. What you describe could be done in the Workbook_SheetActivate event. This occurs when the user switches to another worksheet. The program code could check whether a specific worksheet is still available, and if not, prompt the user to change the link.

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