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    Office 97 Language Installation (Office 97 sr 2-b?)

    Hi... I recently purchased a (legal) copy of Office 97 in Spain (Spanish language version). While I can use the product, I would be more comfortable with an English version. For some reason, the installation is not giving me an option to install an "International English" version. I have downloaded MSO7enu.dll and installed it. This converts some of the menu options to English, but not all. Also, the function names in Excel (for example) are still in Spanish. I have tried langver.exe but this will not run as it looks for an Office 2000 installation (which I don't have)... Does anyone know how I can convert this to a complete English version?

    Thanks, Jeff.

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    Re: Office 97 Language Installation (Office 97 sr 2-b?)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    I don't think you can convert you Spanish version of Office to an English one legitimately. The license you got is for the Spanish version only. Office 97 doesn't offer the option of switching the language interface anyway, you'd have to do a complete install of the English version (which you don't have).

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