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    Timing Issue (All)

    I have a line of code in both the AfterUpdate and Current events of a subform, which basically looks like this:

    WarningLabel.visible = (me.parent.txtcheckamount <> txtTotal)

    It works fine in the Current event. However, it is not working in the AfterUpdate event. Apparently it is a timing issue, since txtTotal (which is in subform footer and whose control source is "=sum(Amount)") doesn't seem to get recalculated before the equation is evaluated. I've tried using me.recalc and using DoEvents, but I can't make Access evaluate txtTotal before evaluating the equation. Any way to do this? Only alternative I can see right now is to use a DSum() in place of txtTotal in the AfterUpdate event equation.
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    Re: Timing Issue (All)

    The DSum method may well be your best bet. The interaction between main form and subform is complicated, I have never been able to fathom how it works. An alternative would be to use the On Timer event of the subform to update the visibility of the label every second or so, but I try to avoid that where possible.

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