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    Long Ruler, Text Moved Over in Normal View (XP)

    I received a document from a coworker (I believe it was made from an internal template). When I open the document in Word, it opens in Normal view. All looks fine for a split second, then the text jumps overs way to the right edge of the screen - most of it is off screen. If I Print Preview or Print, it looks and prints fine. But, I need to share this electronically. I worked around this by changing to Print Layout view and saving. It now opens up in that view and looks fine onscreen. I'm wondering, though, how it got that way and how I could have fixed it. When it opens in Normal View and the text jumps way over, the horizontal ruler extends to over 20". Also, I checked the tabs - a tab stop was set at 6.94. I cleared that but it didn't change the way the document opened in Normal View. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks - Nancy

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    Re: Long Ruler, Text Moved Over in Normal View (XP)

    Could you post a small sample of the document? You can replace the text with dummy text if the original is proprietary or sensitive.

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