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    Updating Link Child Fields (2002 SP3)


    I have a form and sub-form with three parent and child link fields. If the user changes one of the parent fields on the main form, the sub-form child field(s) does not change. Then the restraint of the relationship does not allow the user to go on the next correction or new record. Is there a way to have the sub form notice a change in these three parent fields to update the child fields if a correction is made?

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    Re: Updating Link Child Fields (2002 SP3)

    You should avoid changing the link field, if possible. If you can't avoid it, make sure that the relationship between the master and child tables has enforce referential integrity set, and cascade update related fields. You won't see the result in the subform until the record in the main form has been saved (for example by clicking in the subform).

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