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    TOC Settings (XP/2003)

    I cannot figure out how to make the table of contents settings save with a file. I right click on the TOC and say update fields and it updates. But sometimes I have to change the dot leaders or levels and when I click on insert, reference, index and tables my TOC settings have reverted back to a default with headings 1,2,3 selected with dot leaders. How do you save your settings? no leaders, and 3 styles that I have created as the TOC levels. 1) title, 2) subtitle 3) heading 9.


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    Re: TOC Settings (XP/2003)

    How about editing the styles named "TOC 1", "TOC 2" and "TOC 3" (etc.)? I believe when you update the table Word will re-apply these styles by default. (Apologies if the problem is more fundamental, like the wrong headings being included in the TOC; hopefully someone else can help in that case.)

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