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    Database reviewers ?

    I'm getting to a stage where I'd soon like someone with a lot more Access 97 experience to have a look at a database I've put together and give some advice on better ways to do things.

    Does anyone out there do that sort of thing ?


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    Re: Database reviewers ?

    The database review that I do is typically achieved in stages. Most commonly, I am called in at the beginning of the project and check the project at phases or milestones, as well as being available for concerns/questions that pop up. The first step is reviewing the requirements so that the database design and domain chart can be checked for normalization and efficiency, based upon specifications, expected use and outputs. This continues, proceeding through prototypes, implementation and testing.

    I would think there are quite a few people out there that do the same thing. What type of information can I offer to help you locate/choose one?

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