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    Text fields (XP SP2, 2003)

    Something strange happened today at work. I was builiding a form that has on it a text field with a vertical scroll bar that is used to display the help of the field that the user is in. This is populated by a function that reads from a table with a memo field and a Autonumber. The Autonumber is used in the Tag property of the object to pass the data through the function with the data from the memo field being returned.

    I also built an input form so that these help suggestions could be readily accessed by a Systems Admin later on for addition and revision. This form also has a text box with a vertical scroll bar that has its data written to the Help table memo field. This does not use the function as it writes directly to the table and retrieves also directly from it. The weird thing is that the input form, while being able to input the data into the memo field, when recalled truncates the data of th memo field. That is, the data is input into the memo field of the table but when that data is returned to the input form, the data is truncated in the text field. However, the data in the table is as it should be, that is, not truncated. If I save the truncated record in the text field, then that truncation is mirrored in the table as you would expect.

    What I would like to know is has anyone come across this and what is the solution?



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    Re: Text fields (XP SP2, 2003)

    Does the text box bound to the memo field in the input form have a non-blank Format property? Or does the memo field in the table have a non-blank Format property? That is known to truncate a memo field to 255 characters.

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