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    Move Query (2002)

    I have 3 fields "misc, misc1, misc2". I would like to move the contents of these three fields into a field "Notes" which is a memo field. can a query do this? and how does one design it? Thanks

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    Re: Move Query (2002)

    What exactly do you want? Do you want to concatenate the contents of the three fields?
    If so, create a query based on the table.
    Add the memo field to the query grid.
    Select Query | Update Query.
    In the Update To line for the memo field, enter this expression:

    [Misc1] & ", " & [Misc2] & ", " & [Misc3]

    if you want to separate the contents of the fields with commas, or

    [Misc1] & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & [Misc2] & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & [Misc3]

    if you want to begin the contents of each field on a new line, etc. If some of the fields can be null (empty), you'd need to build in checks if you want to avoid superfluous separators.

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