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    Subdocument (Office 2003)

    I have a Master/Sub Document and I am having problems with the Table of Contents. In a subdocument I removed all the pages. I then went back to may Master document and the subdocument are still showing the wrong page numbers. I regenerated the doc and its still wrong.

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    Re: Subdocument (Office 2003)

    Master / sub documents are very prone to corruption. See for example <post#=145685>post 145685</post#> and replies for a discussion of this.

    Try this to see if it works...
    <UL><LI>Create a new folder and copy all the sub-documents to it.
    <LI>Create a new master document from scratch and add the sub documents to it
    <LI>If all is OK then try copying any text from the original master to the new one, but be prepared to retype it all if this doesn't work[/list]StuartR

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