I created a simple Data Access Page linked to a table in the Database. I have a form that, along with allowing edits and additions to the table, allows the user to "go-to" a particular record by entering a job # into a text box and clicking 'Search'

Here is the code for the on_Click event for that button:

Me.frmSubNOI.Form.Filter = _
"[ExcavJob #]=" & Chr(34) & Me.txtJobNum & Chr(34) & " Or " & _
"[PavJobNum]=" & Chr(34) & Me.txtJobNum & Chr(34) & " Or " & _
"[UtiJobNum]= " & Chr(34) & Me.txtJobNum & Chr(34)
Me.frmSubNOI.Form.FilterOn = True
Me.txtJobNum = Null
Me.txtRefNum = Null

I'm trying to re-create this on my Data Access Page, and have been unsuccessful. I read about having a hyperlink on a different page go to the Data Access Page already filtered with the 'ServerFilter' property, but have had no success. A button on the same DAP would be more ideal, but I'm not having much luck thusfar. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!