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    3D formula (2003)

    Hey there

    A colleague has the following formula in a cell on a spreadsheet at home:

    Apparently, what it does is allow her to carry data over from one workbook to another. When she deletes the original file that this formula references, the cell that contains this data comes up with a PopUp box telling her that it can't find what she is looking for, and asks that she select another workbook. She then clicks on the workbook (from her folderlist) and it enters it into the formula.

    We tried to replicate this - but to no avail. For some reason, she can't get a copy of the workbook to me. (I've tried)

    Does anyone recognize this? Does it make any sense? Am I missing something in the process?

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    Re: 3D formula (2003)

    That looks like a formula in Excel for the Macintosh. You can create references to external workbooks in Excel for Windows too, very easily:
    - Open the workbook you want to refer to.
    - Open the workbook in which you want the formula.
    - Type =
    - Activate the other workbook, using the Windows task bar, or Excel's Window menu, or by pressing Ctrl+F6 to switch between workbooks.
    - Activate the appropriate worksheet, then click on the cell you want to link to.
    - Press Enter or click the green check mark in the formula bar.

    The formula will look like:

    If you now close the workbook the formula refers to, the formula will change to

    (with the appropriate names substituted, of course)

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