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    Quick Lookup in Contacts opens deselected? (2002)

    Why for some users do you have to <select> a Contact when browsing from the Folder List or Outlook Bar, and for others the first Contact is automatically selected and you can immediately do a Quick Lookup?

    I think I actually have nearly every user interface option memorized, and I can't recall anything that controls automatic selection to begin a Quick Lookup in Contacts.

    Any ideas folks? Such as closing Outlook while in a certain state so the selection would stick, or modifying some startup option...

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    Re: Quick Lookup in Contacts opens deselected? (2002)

    I'm not aware of any setting to ensure the first contact is selected. When you click the Folder List or Outlook Bar, that item takes the focus, so you will either need to click one of the contacts, or use TAB to activate the first contact! Then you can do a quick search!

    If some users do find that the first contact is automatically selected, ask them how they navigate to the contacts folder, ie.. Do they click the Folder List or Outlook Bar with the mouse, do they use Key/B shortcuts to get there...

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