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    Uninstalling Word 2003 (Word 2003/XP)

    Hi, all. We have a situation here at work for which I would like your advice before we proceed.

    In the process of creating volumes of documentation for Regulatory agencies, we have a "publishing system" that (ostensibly) facilitates the creation of large virtual documents comprising smaller Word XP files stored in a document management system (Documentum). As part of the process, VB code has been written that runs on the server and which creates a new file, inserts an RD field for the first virtual document component, inserts a TOC field to obtain the headings and page numbers, and which finally parses the TOC and passes the text on to another program for XML processing. But I digress...

    The thing that was happening was that the "production server" used for this sometimes ends up with different pagination results in the TOC (i.e. different page numbers) than the test server and the individual workstations. (Granted, it was inevitably on a page where a table comes very close to the bottom of the page, a phenomenon which I remember going back to Word 6!) It turns out that production server that creates the TOC was configured with Word 2003, while all of the contributing authors use Word XP on their workstation. Aside from my shock at 1) how that set-up faux pas happened at all, and 2) why a subsequent version of Word paginates differently, the question that was posed to me is "should we just uninstall Word 2003 and install XP?" Although the answer should be obvious, I am concerned about any possible problems doing this, e.g. leftover DLL's, registry entries, etc.

    Does anyone have any knowledge, experience, and/or advice before we proceed with changing the version of Word on the server? (I do want to point out that nobody nor nothing else uses that server, so there are no concerns about affecting any other business processes.)

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Re: Uninstalling Word 2003 (Word 2003/XP)

    Microsoft in the past has released "eraser" programs to clean up after its uninstallers. I don't know whether there is one for Office 2003 (yet).

    As you know, printer drivers can affect pagination, so before making other changes, I think it's worth checking for that, and also the "compatibility" options in Word's Tools>Options dialog, which can affect things like white space before a paragraph at the top of a page, etc.

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