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    Reports Paging (97)

    I have designed reports which have control boxes which can grow and shrink depending on how much information they contain. The problem is that some copies of the reports at the bottom of the page, cut right through a field. It will vary on which field this occurs depending on the amount of information as I said before. Is there any way that a report can be made not to do this besides inserting a page break? The problem with inserting a page break is that with varying amounts of information sometimes pages will be half empty.


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    Re: Reports Paging (97)

    Apologies for the delay in responses - many of us are away this weekend.

    The various sections (detail, page, report and grouping headers and footers) all have a "keep together" property which forces that section to be on the same page (otherwise it moves to the next page. Controls don't have that same property, so it can get tricky if you have really large blocks of text. If you need better control than Access reports give you, we typically resort to Automation and print the report using Word. Another option is to use Crystal Reports.

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