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    OE hangs when large file is attached (ver 6)

    I have a IBM laptop (formerly) with XP pro and Outlook Express. When it is connected to the LAN at the office, all email is received.
    The office has a peer to peer network of 5 PCs and is connected to the ISP via a router and broadband service modem.
    When the laptop is connected to a dialup access at home, any emails with large attachments cause the receiving to stop. A timeout, no response from server, error message appears on the screen. When OE is closed and restarted, the originally received messages come in again and then OE gets hung up again at the same message. It times out again. This repeats itself until the laptop connects to the LAN again an downloads all the new email.
    The account information is exactly the same but the communication paths are slightly different.
    Can anyone suggest when I might look to adjust parameters for the dial-up connection as I assume the problem is probably in that area?

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    Re: OE hangs when large file is attached (ver 6)

    I would check with your ISP for the dial up service. Some ISPs have a size limitation on the emails it will handle.
    It's possible that these large attachments exceed the limits of your ISP.

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