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    Creating favorites file from a spreadsheet (IE 6.0)

    I have a list of 115 url's in a spreadsheet, that I need to share with other users. I'd like to be able to create an html file from the spreadsheet that could be imported into IE or any other browser. I've exported the favorites i have bookmarked and reviewed the html file. I've tried creating a file on my own, but I get an error when trying to import that just says error importing favorites. I'm trying to figure out a quick and easy solution to create a similiar file based on an excel spreadsheet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Creating favorites file from a spreadsheet (IE

    You could start with Excel's Save As Web Page feature (I believe this first became available in Excel 2000). The page's source code will be huge, and it could be cleaned up, but as a way to just generate clickable links, it might be good enough. I don't think IE will import it, though. IE's importer is built for a particular format developed by Netscape in the early days and I suspect it would have difficulties with the Excel-generated page.

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