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    Re: j:\temp\vbe\msforms.exd (Office 2002 SP3)

    The same seems to hold for other .exd files (such as RefEdit.exd).

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    Proliferation of msforms.exd (Office 2002 SP3)

    (Edited by HansV to make URL clickable - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>; also modified subject)

    Discovered what appears to be a bug in Excel or Windows regarding the temp file vbemsforms.exd.

    This file appears to be created in the temp file area (if it doesn't already exist) whenever Excel is opened. But I almost always delete everything in my temp folder daily, which gets rid of this file.

    Using an old program from BYTE magazine called "Active Xcavator" that shows all the ActiveX controls installed on the system (get it here: ), I noticed that there were literally more than 100 entries for vbemsforms.exd. Huh? So I searched the registry and yes, there were a whole bunch of them there. It took me about 30 minutes to manually delete them one by one through the somewhat archaic Xcavate UI.

    So, it appears that if you clean out your temp folder regularly and delete this VBE folder with the file msforms.exd in it, each time you run Excel, it will create a new VBEmsforms.exd file in the temp folder AND it will build a new entry for it in the registry, not looking to see if an entry already exists in the registry. You might find that you have hundreds (thousands?) of these useless registry entries. This doesn't appear to hurt anything but it is just another instance of poor programming from MS and a contributor to registry bloat. Also, a bigger registry takes longer to load and slows down boot-up time.

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