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    Hiding email addresses (Any)

    This is a bit of a theoretical question. I have a backend database which is going to be passed by email to other users and I am somewhat concerned that there is a possibility that email addresses may not be entirely safe from being read during transmission or even on other users machines.

    I am considering whether it would be a good idea to actually save email addresses in more than one field, e.g. name, domain. I could then concatenate in a @ when showing or using the address.

    I would be interested in others' thoughts or methods.

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    Re: Hiding email addresses (Any)

    I'm not sure anyone could read it anyway, but just compressing the database should solve your problem.
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    Re: Hiding email addresses (Any)

    I'm curious why you are emailing the back-end, as Access databases tend to get fairly large if there is any significant amount of data. Is it a replicated back-end?

    In any event, have you considered encrypting it? And perhaps using a database password or activating Access User security. In my view, your biggest concern would be with someone opening the database using Access. Getting data out of an MDB file using a hex editor or other such tools is pretty much a needle in the haystack exercise, so I wouldn't be overly concerned about that approach, but if someone has Access, then it's much easier. Once a person has the ability to view table designs and the data, they pretty much have all they need.

    What do the rest of you think?

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