I have installed a DWL-G DLink PCI 510 card in my Desktop and a DWL-G650 PCMCIA card in my Laptop and have estabished a WiFi AdHoc link between them


I cannot get the 2 computers to gain access to each others Files even though I have set files in each computer using Explorer Properties to be shared

I've also set the Desktop's Control/Network/Configuration to "Client for MS Networks" with its
Properties/General set to , "Logon and restore Network connections"
Identification/Computer Name to "MJR",
Workgroup to "Office"
Computer Name to "Zylax", with
"Access Control" set to "Share level access control"

The DLink G650 Properties/Configuration/Driver Type to "Enhanced mode 32 bit and 16 bit NDIS driver",
Bindings to NetBEIU/TCP/IP",
Advanced to "802.11b Preambles - Long & Short",
Map Registers to "256",
Network Address to my WiFI SSID name,
Power Saving Mode to "CAM", Radio On/Off to "On" and
Transmit Power to "100%"
The NetBEUI/G650 Properties set to "Client for MS Networks" &
"File & Printer sharing for MS Neworks"
The Advanced NetBUEI properties are set to "Max Sessions - 10" and
"NCBS to - 12"

The DLink G650 TCP/IP's Properties/IP Address set to "Obtain an IP Address automatically"
WINS Configuration to "Blank"
DNS Configuration to "Disable DNS"
Gateway to "Blamk"
NetBIOS to "I want to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP (Greyed out but ticked)
Bindings to "Client for MS Networks & File & Printer sharing for MS Networks"
Advanced to "Allow Bindings to ATN - No"

My comment here is that I'm not sure if I need the NetBIOS "Enabled" to enable File Sharing and Internet access via the Desktop computer's Cable modem -

Please advise me "Yes" or "No" to this question

The Laptop has the same Network "Configuration" with its own Computer Name but the same Workgroup Name - "Office"

In my Network Neighborhood when I click on "Entire Network" each computer can only see its own Shared Files @#$%^

I would very much appreciate it if someone could guide me as to how to correct/add to any of theabove Property Settings and/or explain to me whatever else I have to do to get the computers to talk to each other

I'm now over 75, computers are getting more and more complicated, so it's getting harder and harder for me to solve my computer problems myself #$%^@#$%^&

Thanking you in advance for any assistance

Cheers n Tears
Max Rieper