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    Folder and File Sharing

    Hello All I'm back....
    I have 4 computers on my network, which after I did some tweaking thanks to you all, are now able to see each other. Now I have another albeit smaller problem. My daugther has been storing junk in one of my back up folders, on computer 3. Computer 1 is my laptop, Computer 2 is my PC, Computer 3 is her mothers computer, and now Computer 4 is hers. I am the only one that has administrator rights on all. What I want to do is to be able to access a back up folder on computer 3 from computers 1 & 2, but I don't want computers 3 or 4 accessing that folder. Can I do this? The reason that my back up folder is on PC 3, is two fold. 1st its a caution thing, and secondly Computer 3 has twice the hard drive space that Computer 2 does. As for the daughter, she uses my scanner since its the only one we have, and has been putting her scans in that folder to get them to her computer. I wasn't aware of what she was doing until now.
    The network setup is as follows: Cable modem to a Linksys Router, one port off of the router goes to a switch, and computers 3 and 4 connect to the internet and network thru that switch. Computers 1 & 2 connect directly from the router. All are running WinXP (SP2).
    Thanks for all of your help. And keep up the great work. I am really learning a lot from you.
    Thanks John
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    Re: Folder and File Sharing

    If you are using XP Pro then you can use permissions to protect a folder so that only you can access it, even over the network. I don't think that XP Home can protect a folder that is accessed over the network, but I haven't used it so I'm not completely sure.


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