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    UPDATE Query - UPDATE fields through INPUT Prompt (2000)

    I'm creating a database where I need operators to update a single field (SETTLE_DATE) in a large number of records each month.

    I'd like to automate this process using an update query; however, I'd prefer to lock the database down and not have the operator make the change directly in the query. I'd rather have the operator input the change in an input dialog box, similar to parameter input query dialog box, e.g. Between [Enter Start Date, MM/DD/YY] And [Enter End Date, MM/DD/YY] resulting in the operator inputting a start date and an end date for the records to be returned

    The field to be updated is SETTLE_DATE (from DATAtbl) and the update value will be a single date, e.g. 05/19/2005

    I'd appreciate any help provided.


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    Re: UPDATE Query - UPDATE fields through INPUT Prompt (2000)

    You can use a parameter prompt in an update query too: enter [Enter new date MM/DD/YY] in the Update to line for the SETTLE_DATE field.

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    Re: UPDATE Query - UPDATE fields through INPUT Prompt (2000)

    Simply create a form that has 3 textbox controls: Starting Date, Ending Date, and Settle Date. Add a command button that says "Process".

    Your query will reference the controls on this form. I assume there is some date field other than SETTLE_DATE that is the date you are pulling records against. In the UpdateQuery, its SelectionCriteria would be:

    Between Forms!myInputForm!txtStartingDAte and Forms!myInputForm!txtEndingDate

    For the SETTLE_DATE field, the "UpdateTo" property would be set to Forms!myInputForm!txtSettleDate

    (Of course, I'm guessing at the form, fieldnames, and control names)
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