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    Protecting Master Worksheet (2000 and 2003)

    I have a workbook that has multiple worksheets.

    What I would very much like is a way to protect the First Worksheet (Master Sheet) from being copied, moved, deleted, or renamed so that it always remains as the first sheet. It must also always be visible to the users.

    As to the remainder of worksheets I want the users to be able to insert, copy, move or delete these sheets so long as they do not impact the position and name of the first sheet.

    I tried protecting the entire workbook when the first sheet is active and unprotecting when deactive. That was fine when Sheet1 was active but when the other sheets are active the user is able to copy or move a sheet before Sheet1.

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    Re: Protecting Master Worksheet (2000 and 2003)

    You could keep the entire workbook protected, and create macros that unprotect the workbook, manipulate a worksheet (insert, delete, copy, move, rename), then protect the workbook again. Make these macros available through keyboard shortcuts and/or custom toolbar buttons.

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