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    MenuBars (97 sr2)

    I have a database where I have unchecked the 4 options for menus and toolbars on the startup form. I created a custom menu for the database that shows File/print preview, print, close, sent to and exit. This appears correctly on the forms the problem is when a report shows up in Print Preview. The only options are file / close and exit. I need to have the print button appear here also because that is the only place you can select a different printer (or is it?)

    I think I am a little twisted around here and I am not overly familiar with menu bars and tool bars. Should not the same menu bar show up under the file dropdown throughout the entire database?

    Can anyone set me on the correct path.

    thanks much

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    Re: MenuBars (97 sr2)

    Try the following:
    Select Tools | Customize...
    Remove the Print item from your custom File menu.
    Drag the Print... option from the built-in File menu to your custom File menu and make sure to hold down the Ctrl key when you drop it. The menu item will be copied.

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