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    Web Toolbar Glitch (Word 2000 SP3)

    Using Word 2000 SP3 on a Win2K SP4 Dell workstation, I am dealing with a very odd glitch. On most but not all files that I reopen (not new ones), every time I reopen them, in addition to the Menu and Formatting toolbars, the Web toolbar opens. This is particularly odd because I have never voluntarily opened and used the Web Toolbar for any file on this computer. Using the right-click menu, I can close the toolbar for the current session, but it always reappears when I reopen the file.

    I have tried Word Help--useless as always, with plenty of replies, none relevant--and the MS Knowledge Base, and have searched the Registry for anything pertinent. Nothing works. I would appreciate any suggestions for getting rid of this annoyance. By the way, I don

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    Re: Web Toolbar Glitch (Word 2000 SP3)

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