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    Bar-line chart with two lines (Excel 2002)

    Is there a way to put two lines on a bar-line chart? I've been using bar-line charts with one line, but I want to add a second. Note: Neither are trend lines: One is the Region number (e.g. revenue or work hours), the other would be the National number. The bars are the numbers for each of the districts in the Region.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
    Rick Bollig

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    Re: Bar-line chart with two lines (Excel 2002)

    You can set the chart type for each series individually:
    - Click once on a series to select it (don't click a second time, for that will select a single data point)
    - Select Chart | Chart Type...
    If the value ranges are very different, you can use a secondary value axis for one or two of the series:
    - Click once on a series to select it.
    - Select Format | Selected Data Series...
    - Activate the Axis tab.
    - Click Secondary Axis.

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