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    Repeating Jave Script Menus on Multiple Pages (2003)

    I have a 3-frame site that uses Jave script menus in the left hand frame, an information header in the top frame, and then main frame shows the selected pages. I would like to move to a non-frame site, but have the ability for my menu buttons to show up on all pages. Since there are many pages, I do not want to have to modify each page accordingly, whenever a menu items changes. Is there a way to use CSS to create a master template that is linked to each page, so that whenever I update the menu, then the changes show up on all pages? Maybe I am asking for too much on this, but thought I would check with the experts. As always, I thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Repeating Jave Script Menus on Multiple Pages

    I'm feeling very lazy at the moment. We had a similar question within the past year either on this board or on the web design board. In that case the menus were created with JavaScript, and I think the suggestion was to put all of the hard-working script code in an external .js file, and then embed the menus using a single line of code (a script include) in your pages. However, I may be misremembering so I suggest a little search. Good luck!

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