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    Show Next Header on Slides (Powerpoing 2003)

    Is there an easy way to put a link on each slide (at the foot of each slide) to show the header of the next slide ? So when you make a presentation on a particular slide, you know what's the next slide about ?

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    Re: Show Next Header on Slides (Powerpoing 2003)

    I don't know how to include the heading from each slide on the previous one, but the easiest way to display the header of the next slide is to use two screens (or one screen and an external projector) and to show the presentation in "Presenter Mode".

    First you need to set up Windows to treat the external projector as a separate screen, rather than as a copy of your main screen. You can do this on Windows XP by right clicking the screen background > Properties > Settings > select monitor 2 and then the check box "extend my windows display onto this monitor". Then in Powerpoint use Slide Show > Set up show > Show Presenter View.

    Now, when you display each slide, your projector will show the slide, but the main screen will show a smaller image of the slide, with your presenter notes and a large "Up Next" label that shows the name of the next slide (and thumbnail previews of the next few slides).


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    Re: Show Next Header on Slides (Powerpoing 2003)

    Not totally sure what you want to do but here's something that may be what you're looking for:

    At the bottom of each slide:
    1- insert a text box (this assumes you don't want the title of the next slide to be part of an existing placeholder for text bullets for example)
    2- insert a hyperlink
    3- in the Edit Hyperlink dialog, choose "Place in this Document" in the Places bar at the left
    4- if it's not expanded, expand the "Slide titles" by clicking the +
    5- choose the next slide
    6- in the "Text to display" box at the top, the pre-selected fill-in is the contents of the Title placeholder of the slide you chose in step 5; if you want to change it, here's where to do it. If there is no Title placeholder, the box will show "Slide x" where x is the number of the next slide
    7- click ok
    8- what you get is a hyperlink to the next slide. This is only active during a show. You can actually use this to click on to get to the next slide. If you don't like a hyperlink, back in Normal view, right click the link and choose Remove Hyperlink. You did say "link" in your post but I'm not sure if you meant a hyperlink that you can actually click on or not.

    Now 3 caveats:
    - you said "show the header". I'm not sure what you mean by "header". Above works for the Title placeholder as a default. As I said in step 6, you can change the text to be anything you want.
    - similarly, you said place this "at the foot". If you mean in the slide "footer", I didn't test this. I'm taking your "foot" to mean "near the bottom" but not necessarily the footer.
    - you also asked for an "easy way". Above is not necessarily easy depending on whether you have a big existing slide show that you have to go back and do this for. However, there may be some experts here who could automate the process with a macro in VBA based on the above. Maybe even display a dialog box for step 6 to show you what the default title will be (ie, title of next slide) and give you a chance to change it during the macro (especially if a slide does not have a Title placeholder). Also maybe give you a choice at the beginning to create the references as hyperlinks (ie, skip step 8) or not. The hard part might be automatically creating the text box at the "bottom" of the slide. Not sure how one would control placement of an inserted text box in VBA.



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