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    Excel or Access or ....? (WIN/office 2k)

    It would be so helpfull if in my office we could have a program where the 4 of us could enter data into the same database or program to track assignments and confirmation of assignments without taking turns or losing data. We have a network and a server. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Excel or Access or ....? (WIN/office 2k)

    Excel is basically a single-user application. Although it's possible to "share" a workbook, that doesn't work very well. So if you don't want to take turns, I wouldn't recommend Excel.

    Access is set up as a multi-user application for a limited number of users from the ground up. With 4 users, it should work very well. The downside is that you need someone who is familiar with Access to create the application for you. The best setup is to place a "backend" database with only tables on the server, and to give each user a local copy of the "frontend" database with queries, forms and reports. See <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile>'s tutorial Why Split a Database?

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    Re: Excel or Access or ....? (WIN/office 2k)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 06-Jun-05 23:30. )</P>If you don't already have Office Professional, and therefore MS Access, consider FileMaker Pro. It's very easy to set up simple applications, and the program has a built-in server that lets one user host the database for everyone. We're actually still using version 5, and I don't know much about version 7, but hopefully since it has been out for a few months they've shaken out the "new release" bugs.

    Correction: Version 7 has been out for a year already. Time flies!

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