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    Unable to load cached records Pivot Table (Excel 2000 or 2003)

    I have a number of PTs copied from their original source location into my workbook. I select the entire table, copy and then paste to the new one. Now I'm getting that extended message about " Excel is unable to load the cached records for one or more Pivot Table reports. You will need to refersh those reports before they can be used again." I thought the whole "thing" came into my workbook when I selected and copied the table. Is it still in some way linked to the original location? If so, I'll have to approach it differently. These files travel. They cannot be chained backward to a location. I would then paste them as values, but the PT loses its usefulness if I do so. Thanks.

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    Re: Unable to load cached records Pivot Table (Excel 2000 or 2003)

    The PT source is still linked to the source data and must have access to it, to maintain its usefulness or you must convert it to values.


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