<font color=red>problem solved - needed to wrap the a href="http://blah"> in quotes. wonder where that question mark came from tho?</font color=red>

Classic ASP, IIS...

I have a link that is created in code to show up in an e-mail using CDONTS, and it looks like this:

strBody = strBody & "Click me!"

Since the var OIG_Division is from a request.form call on a drop-down with several options, all of which have spaces between the words, i wrap the var in single quotes in an effort to get the value to pass to the link in the e-mail hyperlink.

CDONTS is configured to output HTML so the standard coding you'd expect is there.

BUT! when I get the email and click on the (quite normal-looking link) I get the querystring with the truncated value. When I take the e-mail itself and copy/paste to frontpage and view the HTML, I get this:

Click me!</p>

notice that the query string slaps a closing quote on the last var being posted, which is NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, and, in addition, this funky <font color=red> ? </font color=red> shows up.


I'll keep knocking away on it, but the question mark thing is very weird.

FWIW, I also do this prior to trying to build the hyperlink:

strBody = strBody & OIG_Division

this outputs, in the e-mail body, the full value of the OIG_Division phrase, so I know that the var has loaded correctly.