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    Access to SQL (2000)

    I have a simple crosstab report that works great in Access. Our management staff likes it so much they want to convert it as part of a web app rollout so I'm working with the web team. This simple crosstab report is causing much angst. They are developing it in ColdFusion which can use ColdFusion scripting or can use SQL. I thought this would be a breeze but they insist crosstab queries aren't supported in SQL Server 2000. I know this is a little off base but it doesn't seem to make sense that SQL Server (a Microsoft product) wouldn't support a crosstab query used in Access.

    Any thoughts on this one?

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    Re: Access to SQL (2000)

    Strictly speaking, they are correct in that crosstab queries are not supported in SQL Server 2000. HOWEVER, if you do a search on cross-tab in SQL Server 2000 Books online, there are several topics that show up. One is called "Cross-Tab Reports" and the other is called "Transact-SQL Tips" and they suggest using either the CASE function or the CUBE or ROLLUP options of the SELECT statement. Hope this helps.

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