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    Deleting Page Numbers (WinXP SP2)

    I have typed a multi-page document and inadvertently have inserted page numbers at the top of each page., on some of the pages. I don't really want them there. I want to delete them and insert them on the bottom footer. I can't find anyway to delete the page numbers without erasing the whole page and retyping. There must be a better way. Mucho Gracias in advance for any suggestions that will WORK.

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    Re: Deleting Page Numbers (WinXP SP2)

    The page numbers are probably in the page header. Click in one of the pages that displays page numbers, and select View | Header and Footer. You should now be able to select the page number (possibly in a text box, if so select the entire text box) and delete it. Click the button in the Header and Footer toolbar to switch from header to footer, then click the button to insert a page number there.

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