I'm having a wierd issue with Outlook. I have Outlook open one use account + one additional mailbox.
We've been noticing that the folder indicates unread messages. Some of which we can't see (when we filter it to list unread message, it shows nothing). No filter is in place.
I then configured my account to open that mailbox using separate profile. When I open the mailbox that way, I can see all messages (including the ones that "additional mailbox" can't see).
I then tried configuring my account to open that mailbox using additional mailbox, and I have the same problem (can't see those particular emails).

The emails that we can't see just have Words and Excel file attachments. I don't seem to see a particular pattern that's being blocked. The email only have Word and Excel attachments. There are emails from different people that we cannot see. There are other emails with the same condition that we can see. I checked MS support, but I don't see anything useful.

Appreciate any input. Thank you.