We need help with Access 2000. We moved a file from one folder on a network drive to a newly created folder on the same network drive. Prior to moving the file, it was set to "Shared" as the default open mode and "Edited record" for default record locking. (Workgroup security has not been used. We found with previous versions of Access, workgroups cause a lot of problems, so access to the file has been limited using network rights to the folder where the file resides.)

Previous to the move, as many as four users could open the same file and enter data at the same time. After the move, three error messages are obtained when more than one person opens the file at the same time. These are "the database is read-only, you won't be able to save changes," "could not lock file," and "cannot open file, it is already open exclusively by another user."

The rights to the folder where the file was moved on the network are identical to the rights where the file was prior to the move.

Also, of interest, this was an Access 97 file converted to Access 2000 file format and used without problems until it was moved. We had another Access 97 file that was converted to the Access 2000 file format and it developed similar file access problems. Sometimes, but not always, this second file (which was not moved from its original location, but merely converted and saved with a slightly modified file name, i.e., "db1.mdb" was converted and saved as "new_db1.mdb") would not allow more than one person to access it at the same time, but the settings in Access were as described above, sharable, lock edited record.

I found information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base regarding problems with record-level locking when an Access 2000 file is opened using a shortcut, but our problem is not limited to record-level locking (according to the error messages) although these users were opening the file using a shortcut. But they were using a shortcut prior to moving the file. All we did was edit the path for the Windows desktop shortcut. We will experiment opening the file from the Access File menu and see if that makes any difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why we see these problems and if it has anything to do with moving the file?