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    Hide Fields / records (2003 (2000))

    Hello again. I'd like some advice on my current project. We have a step by step procedure for customer complaints. This needs to be tracked. My idea is that to ensure each step is done in the correct sequence, no step can have any data entered until the previous step has been completed.

    Another issue is that the departments responsible for actions on these steps can vary. i.e. sales may need to complete one of the steps, production another. Or it could be either of them, or more departments.

    As yet the database design is still in its infancy, so no normalisation has been done. I'm still unsure how best to organise the data, do I have tables for different the department actions (with dates names & details), or perhaps one tale with a record for each action?

    This is rather a bare outline, so I'll probably add more details, as I remember any that may be relevant.

    TIA Paul

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    Re: Hide Fields / records (2003 (2000))

    About the first question: you could create a form on which most controls are hidden (by setting their Visible property to No); in the After Update event of the visible controls you can decide which control(s) should be made visible for the next step.
    Alternatively, you can use a tab control with the Style property set to None. Each tab contains a series of related questions. At the bottom, there is a command button labeled Next. In the On Click event procedure of the button, you decide which page of the tab control should be activated next.

    If the records for the department actions all have (roughly) the same structure, it is best to put them all in one table, with fields to identify them. If they differ greatly in structure, however, it might be better to have separate tables.

    If you provide more information, we may be able to give more specific advice.

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